Named after Jim and Elaine Willingham, Uvalde, Texas

In 1974, the Willinghams began their herd with Spanish nannies. The first billies they purchased at auction were part Nubian, and this crossbreeding produced a good, hardy goat with more body length and height than purebred Spanish goats. The Willingham cross is approximately 1/8 Nubian and 7/8 Spanish. Subsequent breedings were made with the best Spanish billies they could find. Dairy traits can be seen in larger udders, floppy ears, and often roman noses. They have selectively bred their herd to develop the ‘Willingham’ goat, to which they added, over the years, superior Spanish billies and nannies. Although Willingham goats may look Spanish and are often referred to as “Spanish” due to their ability to forage (much as they could be called “brush goats”), they are not being conserved as purebred Spanish goats.

History of Willingham herd by Jim Willingham, February 2008.