Spanish Goat Potential Breed Defects

These will be reflected on in show ring as points deducted

Defects which will result in point deduction:

(This is a brief listing of some of the defects which might be seen. It's not a complete listing)

  • Evidence of large scurs or stubs
  • Enlarged knees or non-disabling lameness
  • Overshot or undershot jaw
  • Bowed knees
  • Small bone density for body size
  • Narrow chest
  • Swollen or closed hocks
  • Swollen joints
  • Crooked or turned out feet
  • Hind and front legs which are close together
  • Very deep pocket on udder attachment
  • Little sign of muscling
  • Long drooping or short erect ears
  • Weak spine which curves downward

Defects which will result in major point deduction:

  • Double teat(s)
  • Extra teats or teat(s) which clearly have been cut off
  • Teat scurs
  • Udder with a clearly nonfunctional half (would be seen only if in milk production)

Defects which will result in disqualification:

  • Total blindness
  • Permanent lameness
  • Active mastitis
  • Evidence of hermaphroditism or other inability to reproduce
  • Permanent physical defects, such as navel hernia

Specific to BUCKS:

  • Bucks with one testicle or abnormal testicles
  • More than two symmetrical teats (Multiple teated bucks should not be used as breeding stock unless on a terminal non-registered herd)

Any animal showing signs of open wounds or open/near bursting abscesses will not be allowed into the ring nor will they be allowed into the shows building or holding area.

Wounds caused from disbudding on kids will be dealt with on an individual basis and judged on by their severity. In general these wounds shouldn't cause a problem if they are not open and severely bleeding.

Your show and seed stock animals  should be the best of the best stock in your herd. Defects in your herd should be evaluated and care should be taken to breed them out. The dominance of four teats in some bloodlines should be considered when breeding. A buck with four teats should never be used and will not be allowed to be registered.