The Spanish Goat Association has three main goals.

We aspire to

Promote, Protect & Preserve

The Spanish Goat

Our Vision

The Spanish Goat Association takes pride in the continued promotion of the Spanish goat. Our goal is to provide a positive and inclusive experience for those that are new in the meat goat industry.  This association connects breeders and provides a way to share their genetics.  The Spanish goat is, and has been, our number one priority since the beginning, when the organization was founded many years ago.

This association will house the valued lineage and pedigree of Spanish goats dating back to the original documented families. We are proud to have this information available to share with our members and will continue to work on this project.  We recognize the value this information holds, to the Spanish goat breed and the members.

We have taken these important steps and invite you to join the journey. We feel our mission is to preserve, promote, and document the Spanish goat. We invite you to join us as we move forward.





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Production Seed Stock Sold at Auction Sells, June 3, 2023

The Spanish Goat Association has a yearly quality Pure Heritage Spanish Goat production sale in Sedalia, Missouri. 

Call: 731-845-1104

You do not have to be a member to consign.

Contact a board member.  Email: [email protected]

Consigning Certified Pure Spanish Goats.  Deadline, May 1, 2023

All stock is inspected for quality.

Missouri State Fairgrounds, Sedalia, Missouri June 3, 2023

What may I consign?
Seed-Stock, Replacement Production, Breeding Quality

Pure Spanish Goats

What and how many may I consign?

As many as you would like. 

Production quality bucks may be offered.

What ages are accepted?

4 months - 4 years

We promote the breeder and their stock

Entry is $15 per head, 9% commission, 9% P.O. fee.

Education events and speakers all week long.

May 31 - June 3, 2023


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Check out the Bloodlines

As a member of the Spanish Goat Association, we ask that you make an account with UC Davis when DNA'ing your stock.  Each member will submit their own samples and share the results with the Spanish Goat Association when you record your kids.  We prefer the breeder own their DNA and share the information with us, for the record.​  All DNA will be recorded with the animal in the database. 

Join an Association of Spanish Goat Breeders, in preserving the Spanish Goat breed.  We keep pedigrees and history alive.

The Spanish Goat Association is a member based institution that allows each member to record pedigrees and share genetic information.

We encourage all to DNA, if it is needed to keep records accurate.  Accurate records are important in a pedigree database.

We invite breeders of all sizes. One or two head, to hundreds and thousands. Many of our breeders keep  detailed records about production and conduct their own "buck" range tests, then offer that stock to the other breeders.  We look for stock that is productive and uniformed in design. 

This is the breeder association.  We encourage everyone to join in any industry club or entity that helps them advance their business. 

MEMBERSHIPS: The Association offers two different membership opportunities.  A Yearly membership, with dues paid annually, and a Lifetime membership, a one time payment.  Our mission is to bring the industry together.  If that is what you are looking for, in a member based institution, come join in the fun.  We want you to share what you know with others. 

Breeders are encouraged to keep productive stock and cull when needed.  If breeders need assistance, we can provide help in stock selection.  Give one of the Board Members a call:  Click Here

The Spanish Goat is one of the original goats of the Americas.

At this time the Spanish goat is on the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy Conservation list; officially declaring the Spanish goat a rare breed and placing them on their "watch" list. There is thought to be around eight thousand of these goats in the world. Over the last several years the Spanish goat's numbers have increased due to the efforts of the dedicated breeders and the amazing traits this breed brings to so many.

The board of the association has set guidelines, based upon the long term production aspects of the Spanish goat.  Each pedigree is important, as the history of these animals long time lineage is valuable.  Your help is needed, in order to preserve this history, and maintain the quality of this wonderful breed of goat.  Our hope is you join us to help preserve this fantastic and diverse breed.  We look forward to knowing you and your goals with the Spanish Goat.

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Registration is simple.  The association requires a photo of your Spanish goat in order to register your pedigree. The animal must also meet breed standards as explained in our registration guidelines on our web site.

We strive to keep this American breed of goat as pure as we possibly can, therefore we are truly making an effort to preserve and protect the breed.


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The Association was founded by a group of people who appreciated the Spanish Goat as a breed and wished to see them preserved. This task is being accomplished through registration, pedigree documentation, and educating the public about the uniqueness of the Spanish Goat breed.

We are long time breeders that want to help those breeding today, to preserve the Spanish Goat. 

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Spanish Goat Association​

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Breed Information


Heritage Pure Spanish goats are stock from generational Spanish Goat Breeders. We want to identify all bloodlines of the Spanish goat and document their connection across the USA.

Please contact us for more details on how to DNA your stock for the database.


Register-able 100% Pure Spanish Goats.  Bloodlines must be verifiable through bill of sale or DNA.

All stock with DNA will advance to a certificate of registry.


Crossed Spanish Goats are a viable production product in the industry.  Crossed Spanish goat are great to provide a product for the consumer market.

Pedigree information may be kept by the breeder, but no certificates are offered from the registry.


What does "unidentified Spanish" mean?  It refers to the inability to identify the specific bloodline of the Spanish Goat in question  A pedigree may be kept in the base. The stock may not advance into the regular registry without DNA and a lineage, bloodline, Spanish goat connection